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Master in Migration Management

Within the Master’s Degree Programme in Migration Management of the University of Sassari,

the MA course in Social Media and Communication of Migration Processes will host the seminar:

The “back way’ phenomenon: awareness campaigns and the role of journalists in disseminating narratives about Europe in The Gambia


The risky practice of adventuring into informal and dangerous journeys to Europe involving human smugglers and traffickers, illegal crossings of physical frontiers, the Sahara Desert or/and the Mediterranean Sea – aka the ‘back way’ ­– is being contrasted by media, policymakers, (inter)governmental organisations, security practitioners and civil society organisations through information campaigns in The Gambia.  What role do Gambian journalists play concerning the so-called ‘back way’?


Date: 30 April 2021
Time: 12-14

Guest speaker: Alagie Jinkang, Research Consultant (UNIBO), research Associate (IUC, Turin)

Introduced by: Valentina Cappi, Professor of Social Media and Communication of Migration Processes, University of Sassari

Language: English

Alagie Jinkang (Gambian) has a Ph.D in “Human Rights: Evolution, Protection and Limits” from the Department of Law at the University of Palermo in co-tutela with the University of Valencia. His dissertation on “Contemporary Slavery: The Exploitation of Migrants in Italian Agriculture” is nominated for the 2020 Giulio Regeni Award. His research was carried in Italy, Spain and Senegal.

He acts as Italian correspondent for Malagen media house in The Gambia reporting on migration. Jinkang is a scholar activist and HRs advocate belonging to several CSOs in Europe and Africa. He is currently a research consultant in the H2020 PERCEPTIONS project at the Department of Psychology, University of Bologna.


The seminar will be held on Microsoft Teams. If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail to valentina.cappi3@unibo.it by April 28th. You will be welcomed in the virtual room.