Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza

Estudio General y Universidad Primaria Turritana A.D. 1632
Università degli Studi di Sassari

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The Department offers the following degree courses:


  • Laurea in Scienze dei Servizi Giuridici: a first cycle degree in Legal Services (Scienze dei Servizi Giuridici – 3 year course).
  • Laurea in Sicurezza e Cooperazione Internazionale: a first cycle degree in Security and International Cooperation (Sicurezza e Cooperazione Internazionale – 3 year course).
  • Laurea in Scienze della Politica e dell’Amministrazione: a first cycle degree in Political Science (Scienza Politica – 3 year course).


  • Laurea magistrale in Giurisprudenza: a single cycle degree in Law ( Giurisprudenza -5 year course). 
  • Laurea magistrale in Politiche Pubbliche e Governance: a second cycle degree in Political Science and Law for Public Administration (Scienze Politiche e Giuridiche per l’Amministrazione – 2 year course).
  • Laurea magistrale in Migration Management (Gestione dei Flussi Migratori – 2 year course)


Click here and look for the Department of Law to see the English translation of the above mentioned degree courses.

Further information about courses content, lesson plan, etc are available here:
Didattica and Offerta formativa

Erasmus students can attend lessons from all degree programmes according to their learning agreements. Please note that most of the classes are offered in ITALIAN; however, for some subjects, studying material may be available in English and exams may be taken in English. Please see below to find out more about English friendly subjects.  

For any further information:
International Relations and Students' Mobility Programmes Coordinator – Department of Law
Prof.ssa Maria Luisa Serra - e-mail:  mlserra@uniss.it

International Relation Office - Department of Law
Dr. Valeria Petrucci - administrative responsible 
 e-mail: vpetrucci@uniss.it , phone: +39 079228991

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